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Jelena M Bebić
Luka S Gažević
Christian Bläul


Interlaboratory studies represent a form of external quality control for laboratories. International standards that are used for interlaboratory comparisons, ISO 17043, ISO 13528, ISO 5725, define ways of organisation of comparisons and data treatment of participating laboratories’ results. Intercomparison results can be exploited, apart from the main goal for laboratory performance evaluation, also for method validation and production of Certified Reference Materials. PROLab is a comprehensive, globaly accepted and standardized software package for evaluating interlaboratory studies. It provides large data set structures, graphical and
computational methods for optimal use of the data. Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals has purchased and installed software package PROLab Plus, licenced as the only one in the Republic of Serbia. As such, it will be available to all interested organisers of interlaboratory comparisons, in our country.

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