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Jelena S. Đurić
Stefan Z. Jovanović
Tatjana Å ibalija


Companies strive to maximize optimization of their processes as much as possible in order to gain an advantage over competitors. Warehouse storage systems are the area that has not been sufficiently automated, which could significantly affect the total cost of the product. Monitoring and preventing inventory mismatches, on one side, and locating items individually, on the other side, are processes that have been manually performed by humans so far. By automating the storage system processes, employees can be more efficient and companies can be resilient and more reliable at meeting customers' requirements. As a possible solution, unmanned aerial vehicles, i.e. drones, are proposed as an instrument for taking further steps in the complete automation of these processes. The use of drones in warehouse storage systems leads to an improved efficiency of storage processes, and reduction of costs as well as the time needed for performing certain storage operations. Besides, the use of drones in storage operations make working in warehouses completely safe for humans.

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